CHRISTINE CARROLL said she thought someone had poured scorching acid on her chest when she woke after surgery.
The operation, 15 years ago, to remove blisters from her lung was described as a simple procedure by her surgeon.

Miss Carroll, 54, said: "The surgeon told me he had performed 200 of them and that it was a cinch.
"he only saw me in the bedside for two minutes and left as abruptly as he arrived. It turned out the thoracic artery had been lacerated to the right hand side and the surgeon had cut through my breast".

She sued retired surgeon Vincent Lynch, with a practice at St. Vincent’s Hospital and the Blackrock Clinic in Dublin. An undisclosed settlement was made, without any admission of liability. He was ordered to pay damages of almost €312,000 and legal costs following the High Court decision seven years ago.

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